(Ghost Stories with Hansol & B-Joo)

B-Joo: We were together. Only us two.

Hansol: We were practicing till dawn and there was the recording room and 50m away the shower room. B-Joo said he’s scared and that I mustn’t sleep (while waiting for him to finish his shower). As a joke I closed the door of the recording room and layed down. In that position I fell asleep.

B-Joo: I didn’t know that he was sleeping.

Hansol: When B-Joo finished showering he came out..

B-Joo: When I was on my way to the recording room Hansol suddenly opened the door and yelled ‘Byungjoo-yah!!!!

Hansol: B-Joo was really startled. When B-Joo approached the door I opened it beforehand and yelled ‘Byungjoo!!’. What exactly happened was that I fell asleep and (in his dream) heard B-Joo knocking at the door begging me to open it ‘Hansol-ah open the door! Open the door!' so i went to open it. (Summary: 1. Hansol fell asleep in the recording room while waiting for B-Joo. 2. In his dream B-Joo knocks at the door 3. After waking up, Hansol goes to open the door and unconsciously yells ’Byungjoo-yah!’)

B-Joo: What I am thankful for is that this friend (to Hansol), who dreamed this weird dream, being afraid that I wouldn’t be able to sleep that day didn’t talk to me about his dream. He said: ‘Byungjoo-yah you need to sleep so I won’t talk about it, let’s talk about it tomorrow.’ The next day came and I still couldn’t sleep (laughing).

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touched by the yaoi handsGohn’s large hands

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INFINITE x seasons [autumn]

"Actually, I don’t have any greed for the camera, because our members have a lot of greed for the camera." - Jin. [1/2/3]

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Lee Geon is such a good friend

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don’t ever forget me, don’t ever erase me

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youngji’s glowing robot eyes

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