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Q: Then you’re personally participating in the producing, but is there a member whose future you anticipate the most?
RM: “It’s Jungkook for me. Although I don’t know how much more Jungkook will improve, he’s good at various things, and doesn’t lack in anything. He’s good-looking, and he has a lot of greed, so he’s proficient in instruments and sports. He’s good at everything except being funny. To be honest, when it’s just us, Jungkook is the funniest. But he freezes when he goes out on broadcast. (Laughter) I feel like in the future, if Jungkook just cracks one last thing, he’ll be able to improve a lot, so I anticipate Jungkook the most.”

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"As trainees we can’t say anything, so with our shoulders down and disappointment we went home. The next day we would continue with our daily routine, cleaning up the room and practice again. Even though there were many experiences like these in the past, but when I think about it now, it was a stage of practice and evaluation, an opportunity to train us" - G-Dragon.


bigbang solo works (insp.)

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